In Europe, Scooters Remain Popular

Scooters are highly favored in Europe due to their lightweight, accessibility, and affordability. While classic scooters like Vespas and Lambrettas attract dedicated enthusiasts, practical scooters continue to have a niche among commuters. Kymco, a well-known scooter brand, has refreshed its popular Downtown series for the 2024 model-year.

Two Options for the European Market

The Downtown scooter will be available in two versions for the European market in 2024 – 125 and 350. The smaller option is designed for beginner riders with A1 licenses, while the 350 appeals to A2 license holders and those seeking a versatile scooter with highway capability.

Upgrades for the 2024 Model-Year

The 2024 model-year brings several upgrades to the Kymco Downtown series. The overall design has a sportier look with more angular bodywork. The modern styling includes sporty elements and touring-inspired features such as a tall windscreen, two-up saddle, and built-in passenger grab handles. Kymco has also improved the seats for enhanced comfort during longer rides.

Technological Updates

The new Kymco Downtown scooters come with technological updates. Both versions feature a large, full-color TFT display and a keyless ignition system for quick and convenient starts. Additionally, Kymco has added a tire pressure monitoring system to the new models. The Downtown 350 also includes cruise control and traction control for added convenience and safety on long highway journeys and in various weather conditions. An emergency braking warning system has been introduced as well, which activates the hazard lights during heavy braking.

Underpinnings and Performance

The updated Kymco Downtown series is equipped with components specifically designed for road use. It has a standard telescopic fork with 110 millimeters of travel and a pair of rear shock absorbers with 100 millimeters of rear wheel travel. The scooter rides on a 14-inch front wheel and a 13-inch rear wheel. Further performance data and specifications have yet to be released by Kymco.

If you're interested in scooters like the new Downtown, stay tuned for more information.